RIG Files

NOTE: most of these are for old versions of DX4WIN (earlier than 8.0x). If you have the latest version of DX4WIN, you probably don't need them.

To download a file, click on the radio name hyperlink. Save the file in your DX4W###\SAVE directory. If it is a .ZIP file, you will need to extract the .RIG file from inside of it.







If the .RIG file displays in your browser instead of downloading, use your browser's Back button, then right-click on the .RIG file name and select "Save As..." and save to your DX4W###\RADIOS directory. If the download is a .ZIP file, then extract the .RIG file from it, and save that file to your RADIOS directory.

Other Notes:

Changing the default filter settings for IC-756 class radios - Larry Gauthier, K8UT

Using Notepad, open "RADIOS\ICOM 756 Pro.rig" (edit the file appropriate to your rig) and make the following change under the heading: [RC-Set Mode]:

DEFAULT - invokes filter 2:
For filter 1:
For filter 3:

RTTY QSOs logged as Packet

If your RTTY QSOs are being incorrectly logged as Packet (as happens with some Ten-Tec and Yaesu radios), then follow this procedure:

  1. Identify the .RIG file that DX4WIN is using to control the radio. The file can be found in the dx4w###\radios directory.
  2. Exit DX4WIN completely.
  3. Edit the .RIG file in a plain text editor, like notepad.
  4. Look for the [MODES] section in the file:
  5. Change the word "PACK" above to "RTTY"
  6. Save the .RIG file.
  7. Start DX4WIN. Log a QSO and see if the correct mode is logged.

Elecraft K3 fix to grab CW spot as USB

From Paul, KK4HD, in response to a query by Dave, N3RD:

  1. File | Databases | Radio
  2. Select Elecraft K3
  3. Select Values tab
  4. In mode values, select CW
  5. You will see the values 3 and 7
  6. Select the check box next to the word "Prefer" in the second row
  7. File save changes and exit

Kenwood TS-590

Sid, GM4SID, wrote, "I had trouble with rig control for my TS 590 but finally got it working by selecting Kenwood 870 and 9600 bps."

Mel, SM0MPV, runs his at 38,400 baud with no problem.

Change FT1000MP to use LSB for CW

From Cesar PY2YP:

By default the DX4WIN sets the radio to USB instead of LSB for the CW mode. Please do as follow:

FILE|DATABASES|RADIOS then select FT1000MP. In this window go to RADIO and make a copy of this settings in case you want to get the default back. After doing the copy, you may edit either the original or the copy; you should change the latter, but you have to use the &Yaesu FT1000MP set instead of the Yaesu FT1000MP (the character & means that you are working on the copy). So, having this &Yaesu FT1000MP on the screen you have to go to VALUES tab then MODE VALUES = CW, and here change the WRITE value from 2 to 3. The value 2 means USB and 3 means LSB. Now you may leave this window doing FILE|SAVE CHANGES AND EXIT.

Now go PREFERENCES|RADIO and select &Yaesu FT1000MP as being your radio.

Yaesu FT-840 and FT-900

Bert, N8NN writes:

The FT-840 works using the FT-890 file in DX4WIN.

One anomaly was found. If you start DX4WIN with the FT-840 rig powered up, the rig goes into transmit mode, and you must turn the rig power off and back on to gain normal operation. If you start DX4WIN first and then turn on the power to the rig, everything operates normally.

I also checked the FT-900 file and it works with my FT-900. The same anomaly was found, causing the FT-900 to go into transmit mode.

I do not have this problem with my FT-1000mp. It doesn't care when DX4WIN is started or which serial port I use.

When using two radios with DX4WIN (FT-1000mp and either the FT-900 or FT-840), the FT-900 or FT-840 goes into transmit mode when selecting that radio from within DX4WIN. It doesn't matter if the FT-900 or FT-840 is installed as Radio 1 or Radio 2 and it doesn't matter which serial port I use -- those rigs always go into transmit mode when they are selected by DX4WIN.

ICOM IC-7851

Fujio Fukada, JK1UNZ reports:

I found hex address of 8E on IC7851.
Changed hex to 8E and set the Baud Rate as 9600.
That solved my problem!
Dx4win can read the frequency from my radio
and I can use CW keyboard and MMTTY as well.